Business Logic Development

A business cannot start without having a strong basis in logic. An idea is just an idea. It needs refinement, process development, monetization and more.

At RedEcom we bring our experience to the table to help you develop the right plan for your online business. Starting from research we identify how the market will respond to the service, who will be our core competitors, the target audience and their profiles as well as financials on investment required and when break-even can be expected. We also identify the technology tools you will require to get your business ready for online sales leaving you to relax and know that your idea is in good hands.

At RedEcom we believe in giving you the real picture about your business prospects and that is what separates us from the rest.


Research is key before venturing into the unknown. We help you do just that by identifying the market, target audience, and the competition to help you understand what you are up against. We will then use our findings to help you understand the technology needed to get your business up and running.

Business Planning

From the financials to the core theme of your new online business. RedEcom will develop for you a professional business plan that you can use to pitch to potential investors.

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