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Railroad tycoons, Bankers, Oil Magnates and all the rest have taken a backseat to the new persona
of success, The Internet Genius.

These young entrepreneurs are the face of business success in the 21st Century.
Our aim is to help budding online ventures and brands in UAE and the Gulf develop into the internet success story of tomorrow.
Consultancy, technology support, digital marketing services, you name it we got it.
New Challenges drive and motivate us to deliver solutions that will help our clients succeed beyond their wildest imaginations.
We don’t believe that there is a limit to human creativity.

We are RedEcom.

Decisions made today create the path to the future.
We are guided by our principles and these are the most important aspects of our Business Model.

Value Addition

Our solutions to each client are tailored to make their lives easier. As service providers our whole business is based on how we can add more value to each project we undertake. If we cannot make things better we go back to the drawing board and start afresh.

Work Smart Not Hard

There is always a shorter, smarter way to achieve goals or get work done. It just takes a little imagination and creativity to find it. We believe that brains always trumps brawn and that is why we always think before jumping into a project

Be Clear, Be Honest

Nothing comes close to building long-term relationships with clients than honest business practices and clear communication. These values are instilled in every aspect of our organization and the work that we do.

Great People, Great Work

We love to work with people that help us to learn, share knowledge and grow. Be they employees or our clients we work with people who are great and help us to excel in every aspect.

Love The Work

We love what we do and this is reflected in every aspect of our work. Our motivation all comes from the love we have for technology and how it can make the lives of all our stakeholders easier.

Be Grateful

We aspire to create positive vibes in the people around us. Something as small as a smile or pat in the back goes a long way in creating the positive atmosphere that drives our creativity.


Use technology to empower the entrepreneur with the means to develop sustainable ventures
based upon honest business practices that go beyond customer expectations

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