RedEcom supporting Women Empowerment

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June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018

RedEcom supporting Women Empowerment

Pakistan is moving ahead in this digital age witnessing a huge growth in the IT sector thanks to new technologies and a mushrooming of IT startups. This growth however has left out an entire portion of the Pakistani population.

Women in the tech industry are extremely rare with most never getting the opportunity to utilise their skills due to the barriers placed by society. Not everything though is doom and gloom. There are new initiatives being launched that aim to provide exclusive opportunities to women to allow them the opportunity to showcase their talent.

The Gender Equity Program (GEP) by the Aurat Foundation in partnership with USAID is one such initiative that aims to build IT skills amongst female graduates in accordance with the needs of the technology sector. The aim is to link talented young women to the market via internships/job opportunities.

RedEcom with its ethos based on helping new entrepreneurs, has provided complete support to the project with the aim to induct six interns through the program. These interns will be given rigorous training with our team in order to learn the basics of e-commerce and digital marketing with high performers being given the chance to become part of the team.

Our CEO, Mr. Zeeshan Qedwaee speaking on the occasion said, “All my life I have been surrounded by strong women, and I feel that women empowerment is the way through which we can ensure a better future for Pakistan and the coming generations.”

With our vision to provide the technology tools necessary to entrepreneurs to build their own ventures the goal of partnering with the program is to help women build sustainable new ventures helping them to achieve true Independence and providing proof that truly women are equal to men in all spheres of life.

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