The 14 Things Every Pakistani Entrepreneur Goes Through

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June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018

The 14 Things Every Pakistani Entrepreneur Goes Through

  1. When your Mom finds out you quit your job

  1. When you tell your Dad you want to start a new business

  1. When you ask your friends to join you

  1. When you ask for advice from your mentor

  1. When you take your business plan to an incubator

  1. When your relatives try to do an intervention and make you take that MNC offer

  1. When you try to hire

  1. When your friends ask you to leave work and come party

  1. When you finally get the first sale

  1. When you need to network with people

  1. When you get suffer your first setback

  1. When you have to lay off employees to stay afloat

  1. When you get a cash injection

  1. When you finally find success

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